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Algarve Villa for sale
Albufeira Olhos de Água | Ref: 2640
Bedrooms:  4
House Area:  307 m2
Plot Area:  950 m2
Price:  2,250,000.00 | £2 008 929
Villa in breathtaking seafront location
Inspired by Arabian architecture but also framing a genuine Andalusian Patio, this villa is situated in an unrivaled position. Built on the edge of a cliff, in one of the hills overlooking the picturesque fisherman’s village of Olhos d'Agua, strictly upon the sea, this property is certainly an exception in terms of location, perfectly framed in a residential area, while maintaining adequate privacy. Despite using traditional materials, including ceramic, this is a recent construction, for example being based on a structure that used modern engineering solutions to bring stability to the property, given its location at the edge of a cliff. Inside, divided into two floors, the highlight is obviously for the Andalusian Patio, topped by a large skylight, around which are arranged the various rooms of the house. The skylight gives the interior an unusual brightness in perfect proportion to maintain a peaceful environment, it feels right to transpose the door. Outside the property other highlights also point up. Firstly the pool area, with its acrylic wall, allowing a superb panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. View that can also be seen in private viewpoints located at the southern end of the property, slightly below the pool. And for those who like for example a dinner under the stars on warm summer nights, the roof terrace – ‘açoteia’, as it is called in the Algarve - is the perfect place to be. Surely a property for those seeking exclusivity and a prime location.

Portugal Property How to Choose the Right Real Estate

How to Choose the Right Portugal Real Estate for You

Portugal Real Estate has been attracting investors from different parts of world.  

Portugal is not only a perfect place for those looking to live close to nature, but also for those who are seeking for opportunities to grow their trade. However, a major decision like this needs to be deliberated thoroughly. Your investment can turn into a burden if the property will not prove right for you.

Why Buy a Property in Portugal

Portugal is a region in the southernmost part of Europe. For example the Algarve It is not just any region, but the third richest in the country. About 10 million tourists spend their vacation in Algarve each year. The town of Lagos in particular, are popular for its gorgeous beaches, verdant pastures, and spectacular historical sites.

The climate is mild, with infrequent rains during the period from December to March. Summer is when all the fun begins, with most holiday-makers spending their time by the shore. Restaurants are in every corner, serving a wide range of delectable cuisines and wines. Luxury golf courses, nightlife, shopping centres, and supermarkets surround the residential areas.

Factors to Consider When Buying Portugal Real Estate

Portugal Property for sale is not limited to homes, villas, and apartments. There is a Portugal Real Estate for any budget and specification. To find the right property to buy, it will help to consider the factors below.

  • Security. Portugal is an economically stable country. There are instances of inflation, but the real estate industry remains strong. This may attribute to minimal crime rates and low cost of living. Jobs are offered from different sectors—tourism, fishing and aquaculture, manufacturing, etc. A significant portion of the population is content at working from home. Whether you are looking for a property to turn into rented accommodations, to resell for a higher price, or to make your home, you will never go wrong with Portugal property for sale.
  • Budget. Portugal Real Estate prices are lower compared to real estate prices in other European territories. But before you look for a specific property to buy, you need to set your price range first. It can be easy to get persuaded by sales talk from a real estate agent. A little more than your target price will not hurt, but once you go beyond your price range, you may not know when to stop. Stick to your budget to avoid the risks of a financial trouble.


Specifications. Determine the specifications of the property you want to buy. Look ahead in the future, and decide what you will use the property for. The number of rooms you need, the size of the kitchen, or the style of the house should be planned well. Portugal Real Estate websites can help you find the property that fits your description. You can also use a Real Estate agent if you are not comfortable about finding a property on your own. Nevertheless, you should check for his or her background first.


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